Spread the luck, leave no crumbs.

This is a real Dutch stroopwafel 

Looks good, right? What you see is a super fresh take on a traditional recipe. Back then it was made from the leftover crumbs from other cookies, meant as a treat for people who couldn’t afford much else.

Today we improved the recipe

by using less sugar, so it’s still a treat for… just about everyone. But as the Dutch like to say, “The reward follows the work, not the other way around.” In other words, do the work to earn it.

stroopwafel Lucky Crumbs verpakking
Lucky Crumbs stroopwafel

Get moving

because it’s fun! Sports and play get the blood pumping and energy flowing. And, sure enough, a delicious reward is waiting for you afterwards.

Another reward

is the sizeable donation to the Johan Cruyff Foundation that is made for every cookie sold. Together we help children all over the world enjoy sports and play in a fun and positive way.

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