About stroopwafels

A short, sweet history

The national treat of The Netherlands originated in early 19th century bakeries. Here, a sweet syrup transformed left-over crumbs into a cookie that became a well-loved treat during the next two centuries.

Making a delectable cookie from leftover crumbs… it’s proof of Dutch frugality as well as its ingenuity. A few simple ingredients became a treat that literally everyone could afford, as the cookie was nicknamed ‘poor man’s cookie’. Nowadays, the stroopwafel, known as ‘syrup waffle’, has risen to well-deserved fame, enjoyed by Dutch people from all walks of life.

The secret: Some warmth

Although a good stroopwafel like ours tastes great as it is, the Dutch know the trick to bring the pleasures of the humble waffle to another level. Best enjoyed with a hot mug of strong coffee or tea, make sure to place your stroopwafel on top of your mug. Conveniently, the stroopwafel’s size fits over most mugs. Let the rising steam warm the waffle, and you’ll find the dough becomes nice, and warm yet still crunchy. And the syrup on the inside… oh soooo good.

The best tasting stroopwafel around

Coming from such humble origins, there are many small variations in the recipe that make the stroopwafel far from uniform. We tried and tasted (and tasted some more) to ensure ours is the absolute best tasting waffle out there. True to the original formula, but with less sugar – quite a feat!

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