introducing Lucky Crumbs

Doing good by tasting great

We can confidently say that we produce the tastiest stroopwafels around; a truly authentic taste in a fun and modern package. A single package, to make sure your treat stays super fresh and can be enjoyed anywhere. We pay our respects to the origin of the waffle and bring it to modern-day consumers for two great reasons: it’s a lovely treat, and it supports children worldwide through the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

Thanks to our extensive international experience in marketing and sales in the food industry we can make Lucky Crumbs go places, and make connections between brands and more importantly, between people. We believe the best results are achieved together.

For people on the move

If you travel, spend a lot of time outdoors or are on the move in general, this cookie is for you. Because if you’re active and use up as much energy as you give out, you deserve a treat. It’s that simple. And if you could use a little motivation to get going, we’ve got you covered too. We have some fun ideas to get everybody moving and the reward at the end is mouthwateringly good.

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