About us

We are Lost Cookies

We are a social enterprise. Everything we do aligns with our mission: ensure everyone gets an equal shot of happiness – especially children. Growing up happy, being social and active together, and playing every day is something every child deserves.

In the Johan Cruyff Foundation, we found a partner that succeeds in getting children out to play, regardless of their circumstances or socio-economic status. We put our Lucky Crumbs in a position to support their endeavours.

Contribute with 14% of every cookie sold

Of every stroopwafel sold, we contribute 14% of our profits to the Johan Cruyff Foundation. This foundation, started by and named after the legendary Dutch football player who famously wore the number 14, gives children the opportunity to play and be active, no matter their physical abilities. It is an objective we wholeheartedly support, and a collaboration of which we are very proud. Want to know more about the endeavors of the Johan Cruyff Foundation? Read it here.

Open for everyone

We are open to cooperate with any company, partner or network that can enforce our mission to get more children moving (and sure, happier as a result). After all, together we can achieve so much more. It is this philosophy we also apply to our own enterprise: a modern, network-based organization that is all about connecting and sharing as much expertise as possible.

Care to collaborate?

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