Partnerday at the Johan Cruyff Foundation

We are thrilled to announce our inaugural participation in the annual partner day hosted by the esteemed Johan Cruyff Foundation, where we proudly represented Lucky Crumbs. It is an honor to join this gathering of like-minded sponsors and partners who share our dedication to fostering equal opportunities for children in sports.

The Johan Cruyff Foundation, renowned for its commitment to promoting inclusivity and accessibility in sports, boasts a remarkable network of approximately 70 partners/sponsors/business friends. Each partner plays a vital role in advancing the Foundation’s mission, which centers on ensuring that every child, regardless of background or circumstance, has the chance to participate in sports activities.

As we embark on this journey alongside the Johan Cruyff Foundation and fellow partners, we are inspired by the collective effort to break down barriers and empower children through the transformative power of sports. We look forward to meaningful collaborations and impactful initiatives that will make a difference in the lives of countless young athletes.

In the afternoon, Ruud Gullit & Frank Rijkaard opened a new Cruyff court at the Balboasquare in Amsterdam, to commemorate where they started playing football in their early days. One step closer to empowering all children to play sports!

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