Johan Cruyff Foundation

The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops sports activities for children around the world, focusing on vulnerable children. With sport projects for children with a disability, Cruyff Courts and Schoolyards 14, the Cruyff Foundation gives these children the space to exercise and play. Space where they can develop, space to make friends and space where they can improve their physical and mental health. Space to get the best out of themselves.

Every week, the Cruyff Foundation gives thousands of children the space to play sports and games. Because every child deserves a healthy future.

Playing sports with a disability

Exercise are important for children with disabilities. Not only for their health, but also to meet others and gain self-confidence. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for them to practice a sport because the supply is limited and the required materials are often expensive. With various collaborations, the Cruyff Foundation broadens the range of sports available and makes this more accessible, so that children with a disability also have the space to discover their talent.

Schoolyard 14

“Playing outside should be a subject at school”, Johan Cruijff once said. The Cruyff Foundation came up with a relatively simple solution for this. With Schoolyard 14, school yards are made attractive again by applying lines and colour areas to the floor and wall in cooperation with the school and its students.

The Cruyff Foundation gives elementary school children from both regular and special education the space to play during and after school.

Cruyff courts

Children need safe play areas that invite them to play outside. That is why there are Cruyff Courts. Spaces where children become acquainted with the importance of togetherness, make friendships, discover their own talents and experience what it is like to win and lose. Valuable experiences that they consider in their development on a physical and mental level, but also in society.

Special Cruyff Courts Children need a safe play area that invites them to play outside. That is why there are Cruyff Courts. In addition to Cruyff Courts in neighbourhoods, the Cruyff Foundation also realizes Cruyff Courts at institutions for children with disabilities. Special Cruyff Courts are adapted to the needs of these children, for example due to a different surface, adjustments to the terrain or adapted sports attributes.