Kick the ball

Select a spot for the ball and a spot for the “jail”. Jail is an area for captured players to sit. The ball’s spot should be near the jail. Determine the boundaries for the game and make sure everyone understands that this is the area where they must hide.

The Finder closes their eyes and counts to a number while the others hide. Then the Finder should look for the others while the ball remains in its spot. The Finder captures players by calling out their name and hiding place while touching the ball. That player must come to jail if the Finder correctly identifies the player. If the Finder is not correct, the player can step out of their hiding place and declare that the Finder identified the wrong player and that player has time to hide again while the Finder closes their eyes and counts again.

As players are captured, the jail will fill up. Once the Finder captured all the players, the game starts over with the first player captured becoming the Finder. If a player that has not been found yet tries to kick the ball, the Finder must race to the ball first and call out the other player’s name. If the player beats the Finder to the ball and kicks it, all the players in jail are freed and the Finder must start again.

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