Skipper can I sail

Pick an area of play and create a left and right “site” in the area. All players are on one side of the “site”, except for the “Skipper”, who is on the opposite side of the site. The Skipper gives all other players an assignment, while crossing the area from one site to the other site, such as hopscotch, crawl, roll over, confess colour (meaning the colour that does not appear in your clothing because then you can defect, if not: run for it). Everyone crosses the area from one site to the other site on the signal of the skipper. The Skipper can tap everyone before they reach the other site. If you are tapped, you should support the skipper with his next task (s) and assignment(s). The aim of the game is of course to go back and forth for as long as possible being a player. The last player to be tapped by the Skipper is the winner.

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