Use sidewalk chalk or tape to make ten squares with a different number in each square. Squares should be placed touching each other side by side or on top of each other to form a long path. No more than two squares should be side-by -side. Create a starting line below the first square.
Each player chooses a small play object.
Each player takes their own turn. Stand behind the starting line and throw the play object in one of the squares. Hop from one square to the next in the order of the numbers. Hop first to square 1, then to square 2 and so on. Hop on to the last square, turn around and hop back to the beginning. On the way back, pick up the play object. Always jump over the square where the play object is placed. Players can hop on one foot, except if there are two squares next to each other. In that case, players may place one foot in each square as they hop.

You are out if: the object does not land in one of the squares; if during hopping you land outside a square; if you lose your balance while picking up the play object; if you touch the ground with a second hand or foot; if you hop in a square that contains the object; if you put two feet in a square.

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